Strengthen customer service for your business

Customer service is more than just hiring a person to look after your business, rather it is a discipline that should embody the ideals of your business and how you add a personal touch and make customer contact more meaningful and productive. If you own a business and would like your products to sell, you need to have people with good customer service skills, because they are your first line of contact with potential and loyal customers. Many people find it beneficial for businesses to have a personal touch, especially with the way businesses handle people. Man always craves for attention and personal interaction, such is the same principle behind good customer service practices. In a recent study, traditional businesses like spas, community convenience stores and fast chains just to name a few, enjoy good human traffic and increase their sales because not just of the food, but because of good customer service. Of course, not every situation can be perfect nor can you please everyone, but the fact that your business caters to this personal need, it touches people’s hearts to make them come back. Here are some of the proven ways to strengthen your customer service strategy.

Know how to reach out and lend a hand

People would really appreciate a helping hand or would go an extra mile to see people being kind and attentive to them. Introduce yourself and tell them to let you know if they need anything. Doing this can make you hit two birds with one stone and allow you to reap double benefits. Social media is commonplace in today’s society and almost everyone has their own social media account. Introduce yourself and tell your customers you are reaching out. Tell them you have a community page for your business that can help the send in their inquiries or get updates for purchases or pending orders. Not only is it free, but it helps you connect with your customers at a personal level. If you have a staff working for you, make sure they are aware of your customer service strategy. Take time to train them and monitor their performance so they can be able to multiply your customer service efforts. If you do this for your customers also do the same for your employees, come up with employee engagement contests or programs that will make them more excited to win awards or prizes for their work. Always remember that your employees are the reflection of the way you run your business, if they are treated poorly, they treat customers back they way they see it. But provide them with engagement activities so they too can invoke that positive feeling of importance with your customers.

A person with good customer service skills

Develop good empathy skills. You wouldn’t know when customers would be in a bad mood or irate, or obnoxious or sometimes even just want to have someone to listen to them. So be patient and understand where they are coming from. Always be consistent about this. Learn how to adapt to your customers, each of them has different personalities so take the time to learn about their individual moods, likes, and dislikes. This will make them feel special. Always make sure to communicate clearly. Some customers would feel doubtful at times about attempts to reach out to them, so make sure to communicate clearly. This is also the same with having a good work ethic, it is always important that you manage your time well by sharing equal time with each of your customers so they won’t feel neglected.

Allow your customers to provide you with feedback

Be open to this idea and make sure that you let everyone know that you welcome feedback. People will truly appreciate efforts that you make to give them a way to provide comments or suggestions. This would also be a good way for you to evaluate processes that may not fit well with your customers. You get to have first-hand accounts of what your customers feel about your products or services. This can help you strategize what your next customer service approach may be.

It’s the thought that counts

One of the best leverages that you have with a CRM or customer database is that you have every opportunity to touch the lives of your customers. Set-up ad birthday wall, where you can post birthday greetings to your loyal customers. This makes them happy about the thought that someone remembers their special day. You can also provide updates for them on their most favored products or a day sale where they could avail of discounts. You can also give out a token for special events or holidays to hell male your customers feel more special. There are a lot of ways that you can strategize your customer service approach, always remember that a happy customer is a loyal customer.