How to train employees on better phone skills

It pays a lot to teach your employees to possess good phone skills when dealing with callers because it may even help you attract more customers. There are several ways that you can take advantage of telemarketing that can help you increase revenues for your business, for which your employees need to have good customer engagement skills to be able to catch the interest of potential customers.

What is telemarketing

Telemarketing is a process by which you take advantage of the telephone to reach out to customers either to offer your products or services. It may sometimes turn out to be a bit irritating for some, but with careful planning and some common sense strategies that you may need to practice to be able to make it beneficial for your business. Aside from plugging in your product and services, one of the good clinchers for your employees would be to offer special discounts or add-on products as value added to their purchases made. Upselling can also be a good opportunity to take advantage for callers who are interested in your products or services, where they also get more value added for purchases they make.

Professional-sounding and must empathize with callers when needed

Of course, not all calls to your business is marketing related, you need to make sure that your employees are able to make that distinction. There are times that customers would call in for questions or concerns about a recent purchase. Make it a point that your staff must always sound professional at all times. Make sure to let them listen attentively to the concerns of the customer and to avoid letting the customer repeat themselves over the phone. Make sure that they empathize and match the pace and mood of the customer. Empathy is one very important trait for a person who is on the receiving end of the phone and would mean a lot for those who are calling in with problems or issues. Deal with irate customers in a professional manner as well. Never let your people lose their temper on the phone or else it could further escalate.

Develop active listening skills and do practice calls

It cannot be avoided for several customers to call in. To avoid your employees from getting caught off guard, you can schedule mock calls on a regular basis. Mock calls are phone activities that you can role play on different scenarios over the phone. This will give you an idea on how your people behave on the phone. Remember everyone is unique and you may be able to gauge this during mock call sessions. You can do this one or twice a week and this can help your employees a lot when taking in calls. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Recognize employees who give good phone service

Help engage your employees to embrace the culture of phone behavior and demeanor. Set-up a mechanism where they can be rewarded or recognized for their exceptional performance in taking calls for your customers. Always remember that every point of contact with your customer is always a chance to provide quality service and good customer relations, so make every effort to secure every means of communication a good one.